Windows Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile

Let’s take a look at the windows 10 update and in particular the windows 10 mobile and the future possibilities to support all gaming apps. The windows 10 mobile is the latest attempt by Microsoft to unify their range of tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

The windows phone has been slipping further behind with promises of updates , advancements and range offerings. Its competitor apple and android continue to take up market share and giving up on   windows with doubt over its ability to stick around.

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It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the windows phone but unlike a few years back when it all seemed lost, Microsoft seems to show desire in creating one OS software to run on all of its devices including the mobile phone , Games console and even wearable technology which grows stronger each month.

On the windows central website and only updated hours ago,   it claims to have addressed the issue that prevents users connecting to VPN, the system tray showing no wifi connection and probably the most frustrating one, where the internet fails right before you pay for your online purchase. ( amongst other things ) They also focused on multimedia, kernel, edge, explorer 11wirless and security. I guess we will see how these updates pan outwindows 10 mobile phone range

At a Microsoft event in January 2015 , a senior representative stated that they are looking at  new ways to extend gaming across all devices including that of the mobile phone. Providing you don’t need your mobile phone repairs, Microsoft was rumoured to mention the release of the XBOX app allowing gamers to “steam” on their desktops and in time, across all devices including the mobile.

Some bloggers al claim to be able to do such a thing already even though windows central website had a blog quite recently stating  that you can’t.

With all the rumours and possible announcements, we hope to see it on many more devices like we have on the windows 10 mobile tablet.  (Cube ) It will be a big step forward if they can get past the Lumina range for the mobile phone and make it possible on all devices.

Gaming and computer software—Be Prepared for the Ultimate

gyGaming and computer software go hand in hand. In fact, the most important of the personal computer is the gaming. These are all utility software which is the key component of the gaming experience. There are five important tools that one needs. It is one of the largest entertainment businesses in the year twenty thousand hundred and fifteen. The growth of this market has surpassed all imaginations. This is a new hardware that is developed to refine the gaming experience through different platforms. The gaming experience is expected to grow further in the next ten years.

Here are the five most important game tools that one will need to game play.

  1. Graphic Drivers: These are the most important parts of gaming software. In order to enjoy uninterrupted game play on your selected hardware, it is important that one needs to check the new driver to see if they bring new improvements to the title that has been selected. Seventy- five percent of the market is covered by NVidia graphics and are at present the market leaders. One must hnremember that the graphic driver is updated regularly and can be reached upon multiple platforms.
  2. Screen capture and recording software: Twitch is the company that allows gamers to stream line experiences to a network of other players. As a result of this, there is an increasing demand of software that allows screen capture for gamers.
  3. Game Video Recording Software: Players can also access software that allows that records real time game play and convert them into video format on screen. In fact, EZ Vd is a free software that performs this function. This is the same to the Twitch app, although it does not allow players to broadcast their recordings online. This in fact could be the best way to record a high quality video in lone player games
  4. Hand holding touch pad pc and finger touching it screen pc. VectorHUD Software: Selecting a HUD which means heads up display can help you to play games on 3D . If one is a gamer that plays fantasy games , the selection is reduced to just a few tools. Players can also access software that helps them to record real time game play and change them into video format on –screen. The videos can be easily uploaded through You Tube or it can be stored in a personal computer. HUD software is the most useful tool as it helps players to analyze the performance of others
  5. Voice Communication Software: Voice communication is increasing rapidly through the internet with hundreds of gamers using this technology. This enables one to interact with their colleagues in real time. The most effective and popular voice communications centre is TeamSpeak . It delivers a reliable service and definitely quick response time. This is critical, especially when one considers the quick and live nature of modern day gaming.

As mentioned earlier the most important of the personal computer is the gaming. However there are helper apps that also surround it and that are essential.