Windows 10 Mobile

Let’s take a look at the windows 10 update and in particular the windows 10 mobile and the future possibilities to support all gaming apps. The windows 10 mobile is the latest attempt by Microsoft to unify their range of tablets, mobile phones and desktops.

The windows phone has been slipping further behind with promises of updates , advancements and range offerings. Its competitor apple and android continue to take up market share and giving up on   windows with doubt over its ability to stick around.

windows 10 heandhelds

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the windows phone but unlike a few years back when it all seemed lost, Microsoft seems to show desire in creating one OS software to run on all of its devices including the mobile phone , Games console and even wearable technology which grows stronger each month.

On the windows central website and only updated hours ago,   it claims to have addressed the issue that prevents users connecting to VPN, the system tray showing no wifi connection and probably the most frustrating one, where the internet fails right before you pay for your online purchase. ( amongst other things ) They also focused on multimedia, kernel, edge, explorer 11wirless and security. I guess we will see how these updates pan outwindows 10 mobile phone range

At a Microsoft event in January 2015 , a senior representative stated that they are looking at  new ways to extend gaming across all devices including that of the mobile phone. Providing you don’t need your mobile phone repairs, Microsoft was rumoured to mention the release of the XBOX app allowing gamers to “steam” on their desktops and in time, across all devices including the mobile.

Some bloggers al claim to be able to do such a thing already even though windows central website had a blog quite recently stating  that you can’t.

With all the rumours and possible announcements, we hope to see it on many more devices like we have on the windows 10 mobile tablet.  (Cube ) It will be a big step forward if they can get past the Lumina range for the mobile phone and make it possible on all devices.

Windows Mobile